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main material
« on: June 20, 2017, 07:40:09 PM »
Before communicating with the designer, the 100000-yuan budget is divided into "4-4-2"type, namely, 40000 yuan for Gong fu liao, 40000 yuan for purchase of main material.$20000 for accessories such as lamps and lanterns.I have learned about the decoration style you like.
The designer will measure and determine the decoration scheme comfortable home decoration design in the background wall, ceiling can be used in various design schemes.Therefore, the requirements for designers are higher, the owners should pay attention to the number of drawings after the design will increase, only the design is detailed.
To ensure the construction quality.30000 yuan home for saving money and saving $30000 for a comfortable home as well.This kind of economical home decoration, practical is very necessary, the designer recommended several kinds of home-to-house to save money methods.
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