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million yuan turnover
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:20:46 AM »
<p>painted mahogany furniture is to give Face painted layer after layer of cover cream, and even on the color of the plastic cloth, veil, all kinds of spots, scars can be covered, the face of the real situation on what is not clear. In addition, Mr. Zhao Lao also pointed out that the mahogany furniture, one of the valuable is that it can naturally form a bright as a mirror of the </p>
<p>pulp, wax is a basic care to protect the shell has not yet generated mahogany furniture. Painted mahogany furniture operators to mislead consumers that painting is to protect the mahogany from the body sweat erosion, but mahogany furniture and air, the human body to contact to form a beautiful package pulp. And really knowledgeable people know that </p>
<p>once painted, then no matter how good the mahogany furniture is ruined, and the face of the really good mahogany furniture, the operator if it is a love of wood, and will not be willing to use paint to wrap it The 2008 China Guardian Spring shot, a Qianlong red sandalwood flat head case to 31.36 million yuan turnover, breaking the Chinese classical furniture </p>
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